Driver / Escorts Information

  1. From the time the patient is taken back for their procedure until the time they are ready to go is approximately 1½ to 2 hours. We prefer that you do not leave, but if it is unavoidable, let the receptionist know that you are leaving. Leave a good phone number you can be reached at and make sure you check for voice messages while you are gone. Please check back in with the receptionist when you return. You will have 30 minutes to return to the clinic when you receive a call from us.
  2. If the procedure is scheduled for 3:30 pm or later, we ask that you stay at the facility.
  3. If you are concerned with the wait time being longer than what you were told, please speak with the receptionist.
  4. If the doctor is running behind, we will keep you updated as best we can.
  5. The person that you are escorting home will have received sedation and they will be drowsy, forgetful and even fatigued. Use your best judgment on what you do on the way home. It might be best to just take them home to eat and rest for the remainder of the day. They should not return to work.